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Name:Judge Nemo
Birthdate:May 21
HMD can be found here

Character: Judge Nemo
Series: Disgaea 4
Version: Post Chapter 7, but before the party goes to Earth
Age: 400 some odd
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nemo is a tallish, blond man with short hair, a beard, a square jaw, blue eyes, and a rectangular pair of glasses. He is well dressed and muscular, always seen in a red suit with a blue shirt, a black shirt, and black and white dress shoes. Around his shoulders is a black shoulder cape like thing with a red border near the bottom and white fur close to the inside.

Personality: Nemo comes off as annoyingly smug and overconfident, though not enough so to eliminate any trace of charisma entirely. He can play nice if he wants to, but there’s enough weight that hides behind his words that makes it difficult to tell if he’s just playing cat and mouse with you or is genuinely interested. Either way there always lies a hint of disgust with the world.

And he is disgusted. Humanity is nothing but a bunch of worthless, sinful, selfish creatures to Nemo--a species that deserves to be exterminated. He has appointed himself judge of their sins, believing himself to have been “reborn” into such a position for the express purpose of being the one to do the ugly deed. He believes demons to be equally worthless due to their inability to keep humanity in line and sees a need for their destruction as well. Angels aren’t even on the map to him, as he has lost all faith in them and God for not helping those who he believes needed it most.

Beneath all of that hatred, however, lies a deep despair. He has never stopped mourning the loss of his family and the one person Nemo believes to have ever shown him kindness, Artina. His mission to exterminate humanity stems from the want to seek revenge for her and the treatment she endured for daring to nurse both sides in a war to full health.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Most of Nemo’s strengths are personal ones. He is an incredible planner, creating elaborate schemes with backup plan after backup plan in case the original should fail. He makes certain to never give out key information. If he’s telling you anything about his plan you can use to derail it, you can be sure that there’s something about it that you’re missing or that there’s something else ready to trigger once you finish. The game pretty much shows that he was one of his country’s key personnel for a reason.

Nemo is also incredibly tenacious. Once he has a goal, he will pursue it with single-minded determination, no matter how long it takes.

Once a soldier, it’s safe to say Nemo can hold his own in battle. He’s also had a good 400 years to learn different techniques and how to use various weapons, so he’d probably be able to make use of whatever he managed to find fairly easily.

Weaknesses: As the man will tell you himself, Nemo isn’t quite all there. He’s sharp as a tack, yes, but also completely mad with hate and revenge. He’s not likely to gain many good allies if he gains any at all, and it would take an incredible amount of effort for him to even gain the tiniest bond of trust. He believes that humans are without redemption and worth, and getting him to see beyond that will take a lot of effort. Furthermore, evidence to the contrary only confuses and frustrates him. He has a very difficult time seeing that evidence as anything more than an act others are putting on.

At the same time, however, a part of him also knows that what he’s doing is wrong. Very wrong. But at the same time, he feels as though he has no choice in it any longer. He’s already beyond redemption himself, and so he might as well finish what he started. Stopping his one-man crusade for the destruction of the human race will outright break him.

But the easiest way to give him a breakdown is to mention Artina. Too much talk about her will send him into a rage, destroying any trace of his usual demeanor. He’ll practically have a fit over it.

The amount of sheer malice in his heart toward mankind (enough to force God’s hand into activating an apocalypse program!) will not serve him well in Paixao. That’s going to translate to a lot of Darkness, and as we all know, Darkness + Kingdom Hearts does not often equal good ends. Luckily he’s probably unlikely to trigger anything like Fear the Great in Paixao.

History: The man who would eventually become Judge Nemo was born during a heated war between two countries on Earth. He joined his country’s military and rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant commander at a young age. One day, however, he was captured by the country he was at war with, and was tortured by them, taking away much of his hope toward the world. But when he returned to his home country, he was suspected of being a spy, and they punished him by killing his family. He began to wander at that point, and eventually came across Artina’s clinic at the border between the two countries, malnourished and dehydrated. She nursed him to health, but was killed for being a spy for aiding the other country.

The man was angered by the death of the only person to show him compassion, but fought against his growing hatred toward humanity. He evaded death until his body withered and fell to dust, but his spirit carried on. Eventually that man cast aside his name and embraced his hatred, becoming Judge Nemo and deciding that he would destroy humanity as well as the demons who couldn’t keep them in line.

As the years went on, Nemo consolidated his power, pulling the political strings of various powers throughout Earth. As humans came to fear themselves more and more, the Netherworld attached to Earth’s power began to dwindle, and so Nemo seized upon that opportunity to take control of the Netherworld from behind the scenes as well, offering the President aid in keeping the situation quiet for certain resources.

So he planned and planned, trying to create a manmade demon army to destroy humanity—and with humanity’s destruction, the Netherworld’s. But the President was defeated by Valvatorez, and told the vampire and his companions everything he knew. It was then that Nemo decided to make his appearance, inviting Valvatorez power first, and then an opportunity to come to the human world and see how things had degenerated for themselves.
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